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Instead of spending $50k - $60k to develop the software, and another $2k or so per year to maintain the apps, server and server software, wouldn't it be nice to have someone put it all together into an easy to use and affordable package?

What's included:

  • Your site name (www.yourname.???) with DNS.
  • Cloud based server and software.
  • Your video camera to stream your favorite view (with music).
  • Music packages for various genre - country, classical, jazz, rock, etc.  Or drop in your own music.
  • An easy to download app from the AppStore for your favorite devices including: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Full maintenance and enhancements of the apps, server and server software.
  • Training and support.
  • In development for lake/river communities: WiFi water sensor for automatic display of temperature, salinity, pH level, etc.

App features:

  • It's easy to run, just drop in video and music into folders.
  • Live Camera video with random music.
  • Your videos with predefined audio or automatically overlaid with your genre of music.
  • Random or predefined times for your videos.
  • Video and music details in Dashboard view.
  • Current weather conditions in Dashboard view.
  • Auto scrolling forecast weather in Dashboard view.
  • Auto scrolling Twitter feed in Dashboard view.
  • Automatic fade-in/out display of Dashboard view items.
  • Scrollable video Schedule/Playlist view.  It's a live channel, but also allows you to replay videos.
  • Your logo and color scheme.

As an example, the follow channel features top-bottom of the hour original video, music, and lake cam video:

Legend Lake Live App
Legend Lake Live

Total cost: $1,450/year.  Contact me at tarmbox@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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